Department of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Humanities,
Kasetsart University (Bangkok)
p. (+66) 088 621 4709

- Modality, degrees of intensity and pragmatic markers in English
- Corpus-based approaches to text analysis

- English for Business and Economics
- English for International Trade and logistics

- English Word Study
- Technical English (Economics)
- English for International Trade
- English for International Trade and Logistics
- Approaches to English Language Analysis
- English Corpus Linguistics

- 2005-2009: Macquarie University, Australia: Ph.D. (Linguistics)

- 1998-1999: Bond University, Australia: M.A. (Applied Linguistics)
- 1993-1996: Kasetsart University, Bangkok: B.A. (English)
- 1981-1992: Assumption Bangkok School

EXPERIENCE- 2002-present: Lecturer at Kasetsart University, Bangkok.

- 2000: Lecturer at the Christian University, Nakhon Pathom.
- 1999: Tutor at ABACUS School (Siam Square), Bangkok.
- 1997: Free-lance Writer at The Books Publishing Co., Ltd. Bangkok.
- 1996: Tutor at Ban Pasa School of Language and Computer, Bangkok.
- 1995: Translator at Christian Children Foundation (CCF), Bangkok.

- 2008: Thai-language teacher: Sydney Community College, Australia

- 1998: English-language teacher: Bond University English Language Institute, Australia

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